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Beach Streets

in LA, there's no bad place for sunbathing

Story by Lou Noble May 20th 2014
We were planning on driving all over the city, posing Whitney all over the streets and sidewalks. But she shows up, the 100 degree weather having obviously beaten her down, the heat of a furnace following her in the door...I made a command decision, no driving around a city where the temperature is sure to make Somebody burst into flames. Instead, we drove around my neighborhood, kept the car running, the a/c on, darted in and out of that oh-so-comfortable Scion only long enough to get the shots we wanted. Ended up far better than I'd planned, and helped plant the seed for even more of these in the future.


What are these photos about?


What are these photos about?


Geodesic dome house!!! Couldn't have been a better background if I'd planned it. Sigh...that roof, those trees in front of the house! I wanna shake the hand of whoever owns it.


What are these photos about?


What are these photos about?

Footnote: Model: Whitney Moore
Beachwood Canyon, Los Angeles